Paths to a better future for our communities

Investing the time, doing the work, and finding the dollars for people-centered, wealth creating purpose-filled communities 

Our Work

We believe all people have a right to a quality of life. 

We believe it matters how we treat each other, distribute resources and treat our planet. 

We know we can do better. 

  • People First
  • Purpose filled economies
  •  Equitable Access to Capital
  •  Planet Friendly
  •  Planet Friendly
01  Housing

Access to attainable housing for vulnerable populations and chronically impoverished. Fostering energy transformation for cost effective, planet friendly power. 

02  Health

Supporting health access and methods that foster chronic disease prevention.  We seek to ensure treatment options and residential care facilities to allow healthy aging, learning and living for all. 

03  Wealth

Fueling better economic options with  livable wage employment opportunities, home ownership and owning your own businesses to create generational wealth. 

We live in an unprecedented time of opportunity to care, share and grow with ourselves and our communities. If you want that change to happen for you and your family bad enough, you will start doing something towards accomplishing your goals.  "

Bishop Mark C. Tolbert
Founder founder

Upcoming events

Summer 2023 Session
Fall, 2023 Session

"Show me the Money"
Learn where dollars are for housing, energy and education

 July, 2023
September, 2023

Getting ready to buy a home.  New programs for homebuyers. 

1st Annual Spring into Wealth Conference 
August 2023 Date to be announced. 

Join a cohort to learn, plan and execute your wealth creation journey. Three evenings sure to ignite and light your path. 


We love questions. We may not have all the answers but the ones we do, we will share with you.

We develop and build energy efficient homes for all.  We are especially interested in providing for the vulnerable, but we also service those seeking an appreciating asset to build wealth.

Equitable energy with Sparrow will work to foster access to product and services that are friendly to our environment and cost effective for the end user.  We are an advocate of the energy transition!

Sparrow believes that wealth creation is quite individual.  Our mission is to create options and opportunities that fit the best path for the individual, family or community.  Our mission is to aid and assist that journey by providing education, access to information, capital experiences and collaborative efforts.  In addition, Sparrow ensures the community at large is healthy by investing in programs, services, and profit making ventures to facilitate organizational self-sufficiency.

Sparrow is a 501C3 with offices in the heart of the nation. 
3400 Paseo Blvd, Chairman's Suite , Kansas City, MO 64109 
 816 561 0114